Cellphone Case for iPhone 6 (Archival Ink)

Custom Leather Cellphone Case for iPhone 6 by Turner Leatherworks

Archival Ink

The Turner Leatherworks custom "Archival Ink" leather cellphone case utilizes a rubberized shell that provides drop protection with sheepskin leather insert custom stamped using archival ink and dyed to your specifications.

Archival Ink provides an image with long lasting ink.

Designs vary, so look thru the pictures to find an image you like then select that one in the drop down menu.

If you truly want a one of a kind cellphone case then make sure and order yours today.

Case can be purchased with tempered glass screen protector for an additional $5 (please select this option in drop down box if you would like to purchase one).


NOTE: The rubberized cases that we utilize for the shells do provide a limited amount of drop protection, however Turner Leatherworks is not responsible for damaged cell phones if dropped. Cases are not waterproof.