Leather Alcoholics Anonymous Book Cover

Product Details:

European 4oz. full grain cow hide leather

Laser Engraved with AA symbol

Hand Dyed Rustic Brown, Solid Brown, or Solid Black

Stitched using heavy duty thread, to withstand a lifetime of extreme use.

Hand Burnished edges

Hand Conditioned, Finished, and Sealed


This cover is available for the hardback Big Book, softback Big Book, hardback Twelve steps and Twelve Traditions study guide, softback Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, and large print Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions study guide.
Please make sure and select the correct cover from the drop down menu.



These items are handmade one at a time from real full-grain cow hide leather...products may vary slightly in color and/or finish. With that in mind, you will know that no one else in THE WORLD will have a cover exactly like your own.

If you would like a cover for both your Big Book and Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (12 & 12) study guide books, and you would like them to match each other as closely as possible, then please try to order them at the same time. All hides dye differently and the best way to get a close matching pair is to have them cut from the same hide.

Contact us if you would like to order both at the same time, but cannot afford them both at the same time. We can work something out...we are humans and understand that life happens.