The "Berserker" leather Key FOB Kubotan

The "Berserker" is currently the only self defense key FOB in our lineup.

The design allows it to look and feel like a regular leather keychain FOB...until it is time to deploy it for self defense. That is when the design and construction transforms it into an awesome striking weapon.

The 1/4" of laminated and hand sewn full-grain leather with burnished edges and English point end hardens the tip like a rock when gripped with a closed fist.

This allows it to be used for striking pressure points, soft flesh, vital organ areas...or just going berserk with a flurry of hammer fists about the head and shoulders of your attacker.

It also fashionably holds your keys...whoever said self defense was ugly has never seen or held a Turner Leatherworks "Berserker".


The Berserker is not a be all means for self-defense. Always train safely and maintain awareness. The Turner Leatherworks Berserker is only an additional tool to assist you in defending yourself. Turner Leatherworks is not responsible for injuries.