About the Craftsman

I have been handcrafting leather items for over a decade but I started making custom holsters when I purchased a low-production number Springfield Armory “Firecat” pistol and could not find anything except for a generic nylon belt holster. As is often said, necessity is the mother of invention.

So, I decided to make one for myself...and it worked out great. When I showed my friends and co-workers the holster, they started asking me to make holsters for them...and it went from there.

In my spare time - when I am not enjoying the company of my family, hunting, fishing, or making leather goods - I am tinkering around with either my old air-cooled VW or one of my friend’s air-cooled VWs. As with my professional career, my passion for old VWs follows along the same lines as K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)...except with VWs we refer to it as "Functional Simplicity".

When designing any item, I utilize the theories of "K.I.S.S." and "Functional Simplicity" so the end product is functional, simple to use, fits well, and has a nice finish to it.

My designs are first and foremost centered around functionality, for if the contraption that you are wearing does not function when it is time to utilize it, then it is nothing better than you carrying a well-designed club.

Second, I look for fit…if you are wearing a holster or sheath (or anything for that matter) for 1 hour or over 12 hours a day, then it had better feel comfortable or you’re going to start second-guessing if you even want to carry it at all. And the first rule of a gunfight is? If you guessed “have a gun”, then you got it right. If you had decided not to carry it because it was uncomfortable, then you’re already playing catch-up…and that is not an option when you are talking about your (or your family’s) safety.

Third, I go for the overall finish (appearance) of the item. Everyone has their own style; mine seems to be a more traditional look. I like making things that will stand the test of time and can be passed down through generations. So, my style gears me toward a rugged, well-stitched, well-edged, no frills, bells or whistles design. Think of a paratrooper jumping out of a plane over France in WWII - the gear they are wearing, that is my style.

I will build custom items for customers. After speaking with the customer and finding out what their wants/needs are, we will discuss their options. If the customer and I agree to the design, then the item will be made - but the item will still have to pass the same three standards listed above (Function, Fit, and Finish) because I refuse to put my maker’s mark on an item that I would not utilize myself.


G. TURNER #440

Turner Leatherworks...because self defense does not have to be ugly.