Liability Disclaimer

Turner Leatherworks holsters are made to fit standard factory equipped handguns, and/or certain handguns equipped with specific grip mounted laser units, specific trigger guard mounted laser units, and specific mounted flashlights. Modifications including but not limited to extended slide releases, trigger shoes, or any addition or alteration to the frame or external dimensions of the handgun itself may cause the holster to fit improperly and could increase the risk of accidental discharge. It is the responsibility of the purchaser or user to use firearm safety. We are not responsible for damage, personal injury, or death due to misuse or negligent use of firearms or holsters.

Always make sure your gun is fully seated in the holster. During vigorous physical activity, including running, you should not rely on your holster's retention capabilities; the gun should be held in place with your hand to prevent the gun from coming loose inside the holster, with the potential of falling out of the holster.

All of our leather holsters are made to fit a specific model of handgun. Each is closely formed to the shape of that handgun, by wet forming the pistol mold in the leather. Only use the holster with the model of handgun for which it was molded. Even if another handgun happens to fit in the holster, it should not be used. As it may stretch the leather in spots it shouldn’t be and compromise the retention the holster provides, or cause an accidental discharge, injuring or killing someone, or damaging property. No attempt should ever be made to alter or modify any Turner Leatherworks holster by anyone other than a Turner Leatherworks employee.

Any holsters should be inspected before, during, and after each use by the user and/or product owner for damage, worn/loose/inoperative parts (such as latches and closures), or loose assembly riveting. All risk and liability shall be on the purchaser or user of the holsters for the manner in which they are worn and used.

By purchasing a Turner Leatherworks holster or accessory you hereby acknowledge that you have read the Liability Disclaimer, you understand that firearms are dangerous, and release Turner Leatherworks, its owners, its associates, and employees from any and all liability for injuries or accidents relating to the use of the holster or any firearm. If purchasing as a gift, you acknowledge that the recipient / end user is knowledgeable in the safe handling and use of firearms.

If you feel your Turner Leatherworks holster is too loose or too tight to safely retain the weapon, cease use immediately, and contact us directly by e-mail or phone.

Thanks for your cooperation in this matter,
Greg Turner
Turner Leatherworks


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