Warranty Policy

All Turner Leatherworks manufactured items carry with them a (1) one year warranty against manufacturing, and material defects, for the original purchaser. If your item is damaged from what we deem as excessive wear and tear, exposure to unsuitable conditions (submerged in water, left in excessive heat, crushed by heavy objects, etc.) then it is not eligible for warranty.

Every Turner Leatherworks item is produced to fill a specific customer's order, and many times to their personal specifications. If your order was not produced correctly (wrong color, wrong model, incorrect specifications, etc.), contact Turner Leatherworks immediately by phone or e‐mail and we will arrange for return and replacement, at no cost to the customer.

If you (the original purchaser) feel that your Turner Leatherworks item is subject to warranty, due to a manufacturing or material defect, then please contact us via phone or thru e‐mail. After we have discussed and assessed the questioned defect of your item and Turner Leatherworks has determined that it could possibly be a manufacturing, or material defect - then you can mail the item to us (in a box, no returned items will be accepted in envelope style packaging). Turner Leatherworks staff will then inspect the item when it arrives for the manufacturing or material defect, and determine if the item was damaged from a defect or from excessive wear and tear. If the item is determined to have a manufacturing or material defect, and not to have been damaged form excessive wear and tear, then Turner Leatherworks staff will determine if the item will be repaired, replaced, or your refunded or credited to another Turner Leatherworks product .


When your item is returned to Turner Leatherworks, if it is deemed that your Turner Leatherworks item is damaged due to excessive wear and tear, then the original purchaser will be responsible for return shipping, and any repairs made to the item.

In situations like these, you will be contacted by Turner Leatherworks staff to discuss if you would like to pay for repairs, replacement, or if you would like your Turner Leatherworks item returned to you unaltered.

Original shipping costs are not eligible for refund.