Turner LeatherWorks PATRIOT SERIES Full-Grain Leather Gun Belt

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Turner LeatherWorks PATRIOT SERIES Full-Grain Leather Gun Belt

1-1/2" Wide 1/4" Thick with 0.031" Thick Delrin Insert

Turner Leatherworks full-grain leather PATRIOT SERIES GUN BELTS are not only a solid platform for your holster and everyday carry gear they are rugged, yet classy.

You will find that your PATRIOT SERIES GUN BELT is as at home on the range, as it is in a conventional business environment.

Our PATRIOT SERIES GUN BELT consist of two layers of full-grain cowhide leather, with a 0.031" delrin insert laminated together, leaving the smooth grain side of the leather exposed on both the outside and inside portions.

We then sew each belt with heavy-duty thread, making each and every PATRIOT SERIES GUN BELT at least 1/4" thick (most of the time they end up slightly over 1/4" thick).

We hand burnish the edges of each belt which produces a smooth, shiny, well-sealed edge. Then they are hand conditioned, oiled, and have a water resistant finish coating applied to both sides of exposed leather.

The final step is affixing each belt with an attractive and sturdy belt buckle (in your choice of available styles and finishes), with matching Chicago screws, which not only secure your buckle, but allow you the option of changing the buckle, if ever desired.

The Turner LeatherWorks PATRIOT SERIES GUN BELT allows for an attractive and sturdy foundation for your gun holster or everyday carry needs.


    Width = 1-1/2"
    Length = Dependent upon customer's specifications



    As a general rule your belt sizing will be 3" larger than your pant sizing

    Contact us directly for pricing on sizes over 39" pant size.


    "TURNER LEATHERWORKS...because self defense does not have to be ugly."