SNAP Series™ Leather Holster SIG P365XL

$ 125.00

Fits SIG P365XL 
Brown cowhide leather
Right Side Carry
Fits 1.5" wide belt


The Turner Leatherworks SNAP Series™ holster is designed for the everyday carrier in mind, that has to enter areas thru-out their day that do not allow carry. It offers a solid platform for the user’s weapon system, while still allowing the user to quickly remove the holster from their belt if necessary. Retention is accomplished thru the wet-molding process, which allows your weapon to stay holstered during vigorous activities, yet still allows for a quick and safe draw from any position…even while seated.

The sleek, custom design of our SNAP Series™ holsters keep the user’s pistol mounted close to their body, allowing for the highest amount of concealment we have found for an OWB holster.

The Turner Leatherworks SNAP Series™ holster disperses weight from the weapon across an extended section of the user’s belt and is designed to be worn anywhere from the 3 o’clock-5 o’clock position.

You will not be disappointed with a Turner Leatherworks SNAP Series™ holster.


  • Made with premium FULL-GRAIN cow hide.
  • Cut to the exact dimensions of our own Turner Leatherworks SNAP Series™ design for the particular model of handgun.
  • Hand dyed - which allows for excellent coverage and superior color colorfastness.
  • Stitched using heavy duty thread, to withstand a lifetime of extreme use.
  • Wet molded for retention, beauty, and style.
  • Heavy-duty Line-24 snap hardware comes standard on all SNAP Series™ holsters (available in the customer’s choice of Matte Black, Nickle, or Brass finishes).
  • Hand edged and burnished - which produces a smooth, shiny, well-sealed edge.
  • Hand conditioned - which buffs the leather to a rich shine and provides a natural wax finish that resist finger prints and scuff marks.
  • The interior of the holster is then burnished on all contact points using one of our replica handgun molds. This not only helps reduce any finish wear of the end user’s handgun, but it also helps to give the interior of the holster a water resistant finish.
  • Water resistant sealant is then hand applied and buffed on the exterior of the holster to provide a flexible, durable, and water resistant finish.





...because self-defense doesn't have to be ugly.