Stainless Steel Tumbler with Turner Leatherworks Logo (20 ounce)

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Stainless Steel Double-Walled, Vacuum-Sealed 20 ounce Tumbler with Turner Leatherworks logo laser marked thru black powder-coating.

These tumblers are the Ozark Trail brand and are powder coated black at their factory.

When we get them we use our CO2 Laser to cut thru the powder-coating exposing the stainless steel underneath.

Our logo should stay visible for many years to come.

If you have not tried the Ozark Trail brand Stainless Steel tumbler then give it a shot...we have tried all of the brands on the market and found these to be a better performing tumbler than all of the more expensive models.

All 20 ounce tumblers are shipped with a smoked tinted lid.